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We manufacture and deliver the finest merchandise for your winged friends at the best price. With a fine selection of bird houses, feeders, bat houses and butterfly houses, you're certain to find the perfect item. Check out our bird feeders made with recycled plastic components. All of our products are made in the USA. You can browse our offerings using the menu above or you can click on an image below.

OUR OWN RECYCLED POLY LUMBER BIRD FEEDERS - Developed by us, manufactured in Pennsylvania, guaranteed to attract your customers… and the birds, of course!

Constructed from environmentally friendly 100% polyethylene recycled plastic poly lumber. This poly lumber will not absorb water, resists mold and bacteria and is durable and wear resistant.  The color is solid to the core.  Seed hopper windows are Plexiglas┬«. #GG27 and #GG34 feeding tray of element resistant perforated plastic screening with 3/16" holes, 32 per square inch. Suspend with galvanized steel wire or post mount feeders #GG20, #GG20 HO, #GG27 and #GG36. All are durable, impervious to weather, easy to clean and maintain.
GG #20 The Smorgasbord
GG #20 HO The Diner
GG #23 Becky's Bluebird Banquet

Pairs well with our GG98 Portal

GG #25 Big Bopper Hopper
GG #31 Upside Down Suet Cake Feeder
GG #32L Tail Prop Double Suet Feeder
GG #33 Tube Feeder
GG #33-8 Tube Feeder
GG #34 Tray Feeder

Ideal for apartment balconies!

GG #36 Hanging Double Suet Feeder

Great suet feeder for your Bluebirds!

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