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With a fine selection of bird houses, feeders, bat houses and butterfly houses, you're certain to find the perfect item.
Check out our bird feeders made with recycled plastic components. All of our products are made in the USA.
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Garden Gate's Exclusive Birdhouse Selection, designed and manufactured in house!
Our durable birdhouses are sturdily constructed of untreated first quality 3/4" pine. Function is combined with innovative design - extended / sloped roofs, drainage holes and ventilation vents. Easy accessibility for cleaning maintenance. Our hand painted series radiates with creativity and beauty. The painted series is covered with two coats of durable, outdoor sealer. All styles are available in natural pine.
GG #1 New England Salt Box GG #1SP New England Salt Box
GG #3 Bluemont Nesting BoxGG #3 Garden of Solitude Nesting BoxGG #3 Butterfly in Garden Nesting Box GG #3HP Bluemont, Garden Solitude and Butterfly Garden Nesting Boxes

Check our New Design - Bluemont

GG #5 Two Story Nesting BoxGG #5 Two Story Nesting BoxGG #5 Two Story Nesting Box GG #5HP Two Story Nesting Box with Dormer
GG #6 Bluebird Nesting Box GG #6 Bluebird Nesting Box

North American Bluebird Society Approved!
Flap opens from the top
** Also available as kit - order GG6KIT **
Pairs well with our GG98 Portal (sold separately)

GG #14HP6 Tranquility Church GG #14HP6 Tranquility Church
GG #22 Wiloby Wren House - IrisGG #22 Wiloby Wren House - PoppyGG #22 Wiloby Wren House - Orange Mum
GG #22 Wiloby Wren House - Pink Petal Spray DesignGG #22 Wiloby Wren House - Stainded Mahogany Design
GG #22HP Wiloby Wren House
GG #22T Natural Wren HouseGG #22T Mahogany Wren House GG #22T Wiloby Wren House with Triangle Opening

A note from the boss about the GG22T:

Sparrows Fill your Wren Houses?
I returned the GG 22T wren house with a triangle opening to my product line at the suggestion of a Wild Bird Unlimited retailer. The retailer recommends this box to all customers where sparrows are a problem. The sparrows dislike the triangular opening. GG 22T is always available in natural and stained mahogany. If requesting a painted house, please allow 3 weeks delivery time.

GG #50 Nesting Cabin GG #50SP Nesting Cabin
GG #62HP Farm HouseGG #65HP Bearded Iris GG #62HP Farm House
GG #65HP Bearded Iris
GG #73HP FantasiaGG #74HP Heritage Hall
GG #75HP Tufted TitmouseGG #76HP CoachGG #77HP Grandma's Cottage
GG #73HP Fantasia
GG #74HP Heritage Hall
GG #75HP Tufted Titmouse
GG #76HP The Coach House
GG #77HP Grandma's Cottage

New for the Fall - Grandma's Cottage!

GG #93-#98 Portals GG #93 - GG #98 Portals

Portals to Dress Up Your Birdhouse!
Do you need the new GG 98? Get one to
protect the opening of your bluebird house.

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